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movie monday: gabe skates

two weeks ago, i took the happy little dude ice skating on our local pond.  this was only his third time ever on the ice, but was the first time where he seemed to actual enjoy himself and start to … Continue reading

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my current running playlist–perky tunes

(photo from 2005.  my first and only triathalon (a mini).) i’ve blogged before about running to music, and now that i’m back to running again, i’ve updated my list, so i thought i’d post a few of my favorites in … Continue reading

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mostly clean: day 4

breakfast smoothie:  watermelon, aronia berries, mango, kale???  i can’t remember.   they’re all starting to look and taste the same.  tasty, but not particularly distinctive. lunch:  salad with–grilled chicken, lettuce, quinoa, chickpeas, cucumber, broccoli, blueberries, alfalfa sprouts, orange peppers (not clean!) … Continue reading

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mostly clean: day 3

breakfast smoothie:  watermelon, aronia berries (locally grown, similar to acai), mango, blueberries, cherries, kale, more of that funky cashew cacao butter, probably some other stuff i’ve forgotten… lunch:  grilled salmon, grilled asparagus and grilled summer squash, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, quinoa … Continue reading

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mr. happy stuff rocks

last night when i left work and walked into the warm evening air, i realized that i really needed to take advantage of this weather and either go for a run or a bike ride.  the problem is momentum.  when … Continue reading

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slow and steady….

today i ran my first 10k race.  i’ve run a few 5k’s and even one 6k, but i’ve never (even in training) run as far as i did today.  the weather was lovely–a little warm if anything, but the skies … Continue reading

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bike the barns 2008

yesterday was the second annual “bike the barns:  tour de csa.”   longtime readers might remember last year’s event and let me assure you that it was just as much fun this year.  this year, the ride featured a totally different … Continue reading

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little pieces of a five day (foodie) weekend

because of the quirks of my work schedule, i haven’t been to work since last thursday.  originally, i’d planned to take advantage of this stretch of time off by taking a trip to visit a friend, but in the end,  … Continue reading

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unplanned pit stop

on thursday’s bike ride home from work, i got a flat tire.  i wasn’t even halfway home and i didn’t really want to walk six miles, so i called mr. happy stuff to see if he could come pick me … Continue reading

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minnesota, por favor*

i just got back from a very relaxing weekend at a cabin that belongs to the parents of some very good friends. we went there two years ago for the first time and i had such great memories that i … Continue reading

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