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graphic novels for pre-readers

the happy little dude loves books (hooray! says his librarian mom). he “sneaks” them in his bed at night when he’s supposed to be falling asleep. he sinks into them when he needs to calm himself down. he’s not reading … Continue reading

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balancing “screen time”

i’ve been thinking a lot about the healthiest ways to incorporate apps and technology into our family life. many parents deal with the issue by setting a daily time limit, and while that seems so nice and tidy and easily … Continue reading

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my own favorite recent kids’ music discoveries (and giveaway winners)

it wouldn’t be fair for me to ask you to share your current favorite family musicians and not tell you my own.  yes, we are enjoying the boynton album, but my heart lies with “kindie” music (see these previous posts … Continue reading

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paper worm racing tutorial

waaaaaaay back in 2008, i wrote a blog post about some worm races that we held at our library.  this year’s summer library theme is “dig into reading” and my worm race post has been getting a lot of hits … Continue reading

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overdue: a quilt

there’s a new art exhibit up at my library.  it’s quilts from the local modern quilt guild.  they fill all of the available art rail space (the most we’ve had up all year–all the staff love it and i’ve heard … Continue reading

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movie monday (better late than never): reading a longer book

here’s one especially for grandmas and other #1 fans of my happy little dude.  (everyone else can feel free to watch just the first minute or two.  you’ll get the idea.)  this is a book we found at the library … Continue reading

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whew! i did it!

today was a whirlwind.  i was invited (about six weeks ago) to give a presentation about the wonderworks class that i’ve been developing at work.  stem* skills are sort of a hot topic in education circles right now and librarians … Continue reading

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movie monday: the early literacy edition

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new feature! kid app reviews!

[warning!  this is a verrrrry long post.  if you have no interest in purchasing apps for kids, just skip this one.]  i’ve been researching kid apps to use in my programs at the library in a very scientific manner–i.e. putting … Continue reading

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christmas books chosen by a (thrifty) librarian

okay, so some of these books were chosen simply because they were available at the frugal muse or at better world books and they looked good to me.  some we haven’t opened yet, so i can’t say whether or not … Continue reading

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