movie monday (better late than never): reading a longer book

here’s one especially for grandmas and other #1 fans of my happy little dude.  (everyone else can feel free to watch just the first minute or two.  you’ll get the idea.)  this is a book we found at the library and i’d read it …. maybe a dozen times? …. before he started being able to recite most of these on his own.  this isn’t even all of them.  this book includes 22 rhymes.  the only downside is that i’m not sure he actually knows the original versions of most of these (except “pop goes the weasel” which he discusses in the movie, and, of course, “twinkle, twinkle little star”) and my librarian mind wonders how that will affect his future understanding of other spoofs of these same rhymes.  and also wonders how i managed to not introduce him to more traditional nursery rhymes sooner?  anyway, i hope some of you enjoy this!


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