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nutty granola no. 5: a paleo cereal

a few months ago, i did another “clean” cleanse, but this time, i did the “gut” version. once again, i’ve adopted a few new habits that i’m enjoying continuing even though i’m officially done with this round of the cleanse.  … Continue reading

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starting a salad swap

at the beginning of this summer, i was reading a blog (sorry, can’t remember which one) that made a passing comment (i believe it was facetious) that her new diet plan was “eat a salad every day.” while this “diet … Continue reading

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bonus smoothie recipe #3– purple flamenco

one last freebie smoothie recipe to get your new year off to a healthy start.  this one was inspired by joia soda.  originally, i’d added beet to this recipe and the first time i made it, i put in an … Continue reading

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what’s been keeping me busy lately, part 2 (mom & sister sarah might want to skip this post if they want to be surprised for christmas…)

anyone who’s read this blog for awhile or who knows me in real life knows that i have a tendency to get a bit … over-ambitious with certain projects that really should be quite simple.  not all projects get the … Continue reading

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summer smoothies

during our recent trip to texas, i discovered that one of my dear aunts has developed a breakfast smoothie habit just like i have.  this was awesome news for several reasons–first, because it meant i could get a smoothie for … Continue reading

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diy “larabars”: mango + raspberry, orange + cinnamon (and other yummy stuff)

happy new year!  as a little gift to you, dear readers, i’ve created two original recipes similar to my beloved larabars.  Here’s a quick tutorial for the “mango melba” flavor pictured above.  The process is basically the same for both … Continue reading

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clean, round 3

here we go again.  after the gluttony of the holidays (hello, christmas day cheese-stravaganza with cookie buffet!) my body is begging for a week or two of clean food.  i’m looking forward to trying some new recipes (pulled chicken, quinoa … Continue reading

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mostly clean day 7

breakfast:  um… watermelon, mango? probably.  kale, almond butter lunch: lettuce, sprouts, quinoa, grilled chicken, almonds, black beans, blueberries, almonds with a lime/cumin/olive oil/salt dressing.  yum!  watermelon for dessert. snacks:  almonds, apple, rice crackers, hummus, homemade “larabar” (coconut creme pie with … Continue reading

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mostly clean day 6

breakfast:  apple juice, water, pineapple, blueberries, spinach, almond butter lunch:  leftover potsticker burger, slaw, grilled squash, brown rice, peach snack:  ginger agave cashews, cherries, hummus, veggies, rice crackers supper:  watermelon, carrot/apple juice, pineapple, spinach, almond butter sleepy, oh so sleepy.  … Continue reading

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clean day 5: in a fog

breakfast smoothie:  wow this is brown.  i have no idea what’s in this smoothie.  i think there was some almond butter, some mango?  blueberries? definitely some spinach.  i was in a rush this morning and just threw stuff together. lunch:  … Continue reading

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