clean day 5: in a fog

breakfast smoothie:  wow this is brown.  i have no idea what’s in this smoothie.  i think there was some almond butter, some mango?  blueberries? definitely some spinach.  i was in a rush this morning and just threw stuff together.

lunch:  a-maz-ing.  “potsticker burgers” with asian slaw. i didn’t add egg or the red pepper flakes, and i left the cabbage out of the burgers themselves.  i also cooked the burgers in a pan instead of grilling them this time (the first time i made these on the grill and they just fell apart.  this batch seemed even softer and might have just sunk through the grate).  seriously tasty.  i ate it with some pre-cooked brown rice from trader joe’s because i forgot to make rice until the last minute.  the rice wasn’t fantastic, but it was edible and filling.

snacks:  cherries, crackers, hummus, agave ginger cashews

dinner:  another brown smoothie?  but this one was more recent, so i can recall that it includes mango, blueberries, spinach, almond butter and (the best part) fresh apple juice that i made myself!  i have an old juicer that i bought yeeeeears ago and rarely use.  i dusted it off and juiced up a whole bag of apples (only yielding enough juice for two smoothies plus a little extra for the demanding happy toddler.

i think it’s likely a lack of sleep more than the cleanse, but i got very foggy this afternoon.  i may have even inadvertently spoken rudely to an acquaintance i ran into out of context because i couldn’t figure out who they were fast enough (sorry!).  words came slowly.  i felt sluggish… early to bed tonight.  at least, earlier than 1 a.m.

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