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nutty granola no. 5: a paleo cereal

a few months ago, i did another “clean” cleanse, but this time, i did the “gut” version. once again, i’ve adopted a few new habits that i’m enjoying continuing even though i’m officially done with this round of the cleanse.  … Continue reading

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Healthy-ish Snacks, week 2

i’m realizing that perhaps my snacks have a tendency to skew sweet and could probably use a little more presence from vegetables, so i’ll commit to calling them at least “healthy-ish” because they’re still better for you than a nutty … Continue reading

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healthy snacks, week 1 (or “little miss happy goes overboard….. again.”)

i have a snacking habit. sometimes it’s healthy snacks and sometimes i get in a “let’s shove cheese and crackers in my face as fast as possible” rut and sometimes the terrible, practically plastic cookies in our staff break room … Continue reading

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genius recipes by kristen miglore

i have a new favorite cookbook. i first read about it on this blog post and placed a hold on it from my library. when it arrived, i read it straight through, cover to cover with a few breaks for … Continue reading

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starting a salad swap

at the beginning of this summer, i was reading a blog (sorry, can’t remember which one) that made a passing comment (i believe it was facetious) that her new diet plan was “eat a salad every day.” while this “diet … Continue reading

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mail-order meals: home chef vs. blue apron

a few months ago, i read a rave review of a mail-order meal service called blue apron (her blog is really hilarious, especially if you like mommy humor) and i was very disappointed when i went to blue apron’s site … Continue reading

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dinner: the playbook (part 4, or “i can’t stop trying these recipes out!”)

i’ve now made three more recipes from dinner: the playbook.  first up–buttermilk herb baked chicken fingers.  one thing i was surprised by was the color of the chicken fingers when they were done baking–white as skeleton fingers!  i popped them … Continue reading

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dinner: the playbook (part 3)

seriously, i did bookmark some recipes that weren’t purely familiar comfort food, but when my boy asked for pizza and it was just the two of us for supper that night (another frisbee night), i couldn’t resist trying out the … Continue reading

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dinner: the playbook (part 2)

the second recipe that i knew i could pull off on a working weeknight was the spinach and feta omelet.  the technique she describes is a bit different than the one i usually use, so i followed it as closely … Continue reading

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dinner: the playbook, challenge (part 1)

as soon as i read about jenny rosentrach’s most recent challenge, i signed up.  i was thrilled to be one of those selected to participate (a free advance copy of her upcoming cookbook?  $50 gift card to target?  yes!!!).  my … Continue reading

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