dinner: the playbook (part 3)

seriously, i did bookmark some recipes that weren’t purely familiar comfort food, but when my boy asked for pizza and it was just the two of us for supper that night (another frisbee night), i couldn’t resist trying out the pan-fried whole wheat pizzas.  once again, a familiar recipe with a new technique. IMG_3364this one? this one was an unqualified hit.  it really was easy and way more delicious than the pita pizzas we’ve been using as our emergency last-minute pizza option.  definitely going to do this again.  but next time, i’ll make sure i have more of my favorite toppings so i’m not left with “just cheese.”  also, i recommend not doing this when the baby is starvingly hungry and you’re the only parent in the house so you’re forced to choose between burning your pizza or letting the baby scream while you put her down for just a minute to go and check on it.

IMG_3365 IMG_3363

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