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Healthy-ish Snacks, week 2

i’m realizing that perhaps my snacks have a tendency to skew sweet and could probably use a little more presence from vegetables, so i’ll commit to calling them at least “healthy-ish” because they’re still better for you than a nutty … Continue reading

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healthy snacks, week 1 (or “little miss happy goes overboard….. again.”)

i have a snacking habit. sometimes it’s healthy snacks and sometimes i get in a “let’s shove cheese and crackers in my face as fast as possible” rut and sometimes the terrible, practically plastic cookies in our staff break room … Continue reading

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mooooovie monday

i’m finally working on getting some older footage made up into movies.  this was from this summer.  the best part was the happy baby’s arm inside a calf’s mouth up to her elbow, but unfortunately, i didn’t film that, so….. … Continue reading

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movie monday: another episode with cow chicken

Cow Chicken (and Rosalie) from carissaabc on Vimeo.

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movie….. saturday! (i can’t wait to show you this one)

How to Enjoy a Tomato from carissaabc on Vimeo.

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starting a salad swap

at the beginning of this summer, i was reading a blog (sorry, can’t remember which one) that made a passing comment (i believe it was facetious) that her new diet plan was “eat a salad every day.” while this “diet … Continue reading

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movie monday: summer storm

although this footage was taken over a month ago, something very similar happened yesterday, so i got motivated to edit it into what you see here.  enjoy!  (and go out and get muddy!)   Summer Storm from carissaabc on Vimeo.

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my new sewing obsession and a giveaway winner!

the happy little dude has finally conceded that using the toilet might be something he could be convinced to do and i have been celebrating by sewing him the cutest underwear ever! yes, i could just go buy some, but … Continue reading

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fashion chronicles: in which someone tries to guess my age

a dear friend of mine loaned me a few of her threadless t-shirts and i thought i’d try something a bit funky and wear one with this (usually worn dressier) skirt.  i actually loved it and had so much fun … Continue reading

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you really should try these.

unless, maybe if you have a nut allergy.  then you should stay far away from them.  but if you’re okay with nuts, then these are a-ma-zing and have been the new favorite adult snack (the happy little dude isn’t a … Continue reading

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