my new sewing obsession and a giveaway winner!

the happy little dude has finally conceded that using the toilet might be something he could be convinced to do and i have been celebrating by sewing him the cutest underwear ever!

IMGP5301 yes, i could just go buy some, but … i’ve got this pattern for itty-bitty boxer briefs down to being able to make a pair from start to finish in about 30-45 minutes and… they are just so stinkin’ cute!  plus, i can easily make a pair out of the leftovers from a t-shirt scarf/necklace.  (the heart patch below covers up a hole in the original t-shirt.)  my tip if you’re going to make this pattern–pay attention to the way the fabric stretches.  if you use the hem of a sleeve as the hem of your leg, the fabric will stretch the correct direction.  the yellow pair is a stiffer knit and i didn’t align the stretch right and they’re a bit tight on his legs already, so they won’t last long.  the teal stripe is a less soft and stretchy fabric, so i just cut the pattern with about a 1/4″ seam allowance all the way around and they fit him fine.IMGP5302i secretly am wanting to buy the set with stars from mini boden (click on the third picture on the bottom of this link) and i’m wondering if i can justify that price if i don’t spend any more money on this year’s underpants but…. i think that’s pushing it.  plus, stars are easy.  maybe i’ll try making my own starry pair…. in the meantime, here’s one of my favorites with a bit of the capitol dome on the hind side.  (tee hee!)IMGP5304  the elastic on most of these is the “fold over” elastic from “babyville boutique” at joann (hey, i just saw that it’s on sale right now!  so many cute patterns!  so soft for right next to your skin uses!).  the other pair is just regular knit elastic and is less soft than the foldover, but still softer than most 1″ elastic and comes in lots of colors now!

thanks to everyone who entered my book and pajama giveaway!  the winner is…. melanie!Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 8.57.50 PMcongratulations!  i’ll send the publisher your contact info and they’ll send the prize directly to you.

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