Healthy-ish Snacks, week 2


i’m realizing that perhaps my snacks have a tendency to skew sweet and could probably use a little more presence from vegetables, so i’ll commit to calling them at least “healthy-ish” because they’re still better for you than a nutty bar and a diet coke (the favorite lunch menu of an ex-supervisor of mine).  here’s this week’s collection:


1. Guacamole with fresh root vegetable “chips” (today it’s kohlrabi + turnip). (note: the guacamole was already brown on top by day 2 even with a piece of plastic wrap pressed directly to the top of it and the sliced veggie chips gave off a distinctly vegetal funk when i opened the jar, but they were still crisp and crunchy and as long as you’re okay with, say, the flavor of radishes, they tasted great too!)


2.  Mango Melba truffles: pretty much the recipe linked to, but I soaked the mango in water a little longer this time and they turned out too sticky, so I rolled them in crushed almonds.  Also, I didn’t add the dates.  These might be pretty rich, so you might consider stretching the five truffles into two day’s snacks.


3. Hummus with broccoli & pickled turnips (these could definitely use more broccoli, but the jar was too small to squeeze in more).


4. CocoCashew mix + fresh cherries (I used these coconut chips)


5. “Peach” Pie overnight oatmeal (contains: oats, almond milk, chia seeds, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon & nectarine)

I believe that last week’s most popular snack was the hummus and peas, so i feel less guilty about using hummus two weeks in a row now.


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