dinner: the playbook (part 2)

IMG_3360the second recipe that i knew i could pull off on a working weeknight was the spinach and feta omelet.  the technique she describes is a bit different than the one i usually use, so i followed it as closely as i could, although it’s hard to know exactly how hot the skillet should be, so i may have overcooked it in an effort to avoid raw egg, but the parts that weren’t overcooked were a wonderful texture and flavor (reminiscent of my old family favorite spinach souffle recipe).

IMG_3357the happy little dude has recently decided that he “hates eggs” so i just made him one with simple sharp cheddar and convinced him to eat half of it.  mr. happy stuff was playing ultimate frisbee that evening, so i still have no idea if he would have liked it or not.  again, not a new recipe, but a new (to me) technique that bears a repeat attempt.

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