genius recipes by kristen miglore

i have a new favorite cookbook. i first read about it on this blog post and placed a hold on it from my library. when it arrived, i read it straight through, cover to cover with a few breaks for kid interruptions. by the time i was done, the bookmarks i had tucked in to mark the recipes i wanted to try looked like fringe.

the first recipe i tried was the poached scrambled eggs


IMG_5631 IMG_5632 my two kids went through a dozen eggs cooked this way.  it was a hit!  super easy, super tasty and very fast.

i had also discovered, while i was reading it, that there were at least 5 or 6 recipes in the book that i had already discovered and tried and all of them were memorably delicious. i was hooked.

i have now tried…

marcella hazan’s tomato sauce:


kenny shopsin’s crepes:


northern spy food co.’s kale salad (i had almost all the ingredients in my csa box that week!)IMG_5689

marie-helene’s apple cakeIMG_5709

sylvia thompson’s fresh ginger cake  (i don’t recommend using a bundt pan)IMG_5770i also made the chocolate muscovado banana cake, but neglected to photograph it.  plus, it had the problem that all banana cake/bread/loaves do when i try to make them–the top always ends up gooey, even though i tested it in the oven and it came out clean! i’m definitely trying that recipe again, but i might just do it in muffin cups which are much easier to cook thoroughly and everyone loves muffins anyway.

the verdict? i need to own a copy of this book myself. it is too much fun to cook recipes that i know will give amazing results.

p.s. i’m finding that at this point in my life, it’s much easier to spend my creative time in the kitchen than in the sewing room (little curious fingers + sharp, fast needles = not a good idea). if there are any loyal readers still following this blog, tell me– would you like to hear more about my cooking adventures? these photos were taken with my phone, so they’re not the best, but i might be motivated to do better if i know someone (other than mom (sigh)–  hi, mom!  love you!) is reading….

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