dinner: the playbook (part 4, or “i can’t stop trying these recipes out!”)

i’ve now made three more recipes from dinner: the playbook.  first up–buttermilk herb baked chicken fingers.  one thing i was surprised by was the color of the chicken fingers when they were done baking–white as skeleton fingers!  i popped them under a broiler for a few minutes and got a bit of brown, but despite the pale color, they were nicely crunchy (at least on the top… the bottom sides were a bit soft). IMG_3417 i thought they were delicious, but mr. happy stuff was lukewarm on them and i had to coax the happy little dude to eat one (his eating habits are soooo unpredictable these days!).IMG_3419

the good part about their response was that there were two chicken fingers leftover.  which i then toasted a few days later and used to top this salad which was super fantastico delicious!  i almost want to make more chicken fingers so that i can eat this salad again…. but i don’t really use a lot of boneless, skinless chicken breast since (when you’re eating locally sourced, small farm chicken) it’s such a pricey cut. IMG_3443 i also happened to have some rice leftover from some rare chinese takeout that made its way into our house last week, so i tried out the crispy rice omelet.  this isn’t the prettiest photo (i barely remembered to snap a shot before it was eaten), but it was yummy.IMG_3459 the most recent recipe to get tried out was the chicken parm meatballs and i have to say they are by far the biggest winner of all the recipes we’ve tried from the book so far.  the happy little dude asked for seconds and at them with gusto.IMG_3471after much wheedling, i was able to convince him to save three for a lunch later this week.  doesn’t it look handsome? i’m a bit jealous that he’ll be the lucky recipient of this lunch.  i’m adding a note to this recipe:  make a double (or possibly triple) batch.  (apparently, it freezes well too!)IMG_3472

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