what’s been keeping me busy lately, part 2 (mom & sister sarah might want to skip this post if they want to be surprised for christmas…)

anyone who’s read this blog for awhile or who knows me in real life knows that i have a tendency to get a bit … over-ambitious with certain projects that really should be quite simple.  not all projects get the crazy-treatment, but every so often i get inspired and just go nuts.  last year, it was the busy book bonanza.  this holiday season, it’s been the smoothie book.  it started off innocently enough with my sister asking me if i could give her a booklet of my favorite smoothie recipes for christmas.  i sort of harumphed something about, “yeah, i could probably pull a few recipes together, i guess.” (this is how all of my obsessive projects seem to start) and then i realized that maybe, if i was putting one together anyway, my parents might also like a copy.  and then, i mentioned the project to some friends that i run with once a week and they both enthusiastically (and without any provocation from me whatsoever) said, “hey, we’d love to buy copies!  are you selling them?” and so now (hopefully mom and sarah have had a chance to avert their eyes by this point?) i’d like to offer all of you the opportunity to order a printed copy of the happy smoothie book or purchase a digital download version to keep for yourself or to give as gifts.  would you like to see it?

IMGP6125 ta-da!  the book contains 12 original smoothie recipes with full-color photographs of each–one for each month of the year–with seasonal produce (when available).  none of the smoothies contain ice cubes, protein powders, or processed sugar.  all of the recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan (other than a few optional suggestions to add yogurt or honey).  instead, they rely heavily on fruits, vegetables, nuts and nut milks.  i’ve set up the recipes with little symbols to help make substitutions easier if you need to make them.

IMGP6117 IMGP6116 the book is coil bound across the top and incorporates a chipboard-reinforced paper “easel” that will allow you to stand the book up during use, but folds flat for storage.  it is printed on heavy cardstock with high-quality inks that won’t run if they get wet (in fact, water beads up on the surface of the printed pages) and can be wiped clean with a soft towel.

IMGP6136i am hoping to be able to get the books mailed out in time for christmas gifting.  Since this is a busy time of year for the local print shop i’m using (and loving!), the best way for me to ensure that everyone gets their books as early as possible is to gather pre-orders between now and monday night, december 9th so that i make sure to order enough copies for my first run.  you can order books in my etsy shop (payment accepted via paypal).  if you’re local, would prefer to pay by check or cash, and are willing to make arrangements to pick-up your book in person (to save on shipping fees), please add your name to this doodle by monday, dec. 9.

IMGP6146digital copies (pdf) are also available and can be purchased for your own use or sent as a gift (just tell me the e-mail address you’d like me to send it to and what day (and even what time!) you’d like it to arrive in their inbox).  the digital version can be viewed on any screen where you’re able to view pdf’s.  so far, i’ve had good luck looking at it on my iphone, computer screen, the kindle and ipad.  it can also be printed from the pdf, but you should be aware that it’s formatted to a 5″x7″ page size, not the standard 8.5″x11″.

printed copies of the book will cost $20 plus shipping and handling.  digital copies will cost $5.  as an introductory special price, if you order before midnight this monday, dec. 9 you can use the coupon code “hellohappysmoothie” to receive $8 off printed copies of the book.  If you’re considering ordering three or more copies, contact me and I can set up a separate listing with an even more generous discount.

a note to international readers (if i have any?), i’m afraid i won’t be able to get a printed book to you by christmas morning, but you can always purchase the pdf as a teaser and let the recipient know that a hardcopy will be in their mailbox soon!

IMGP6114all profits from this project will go towards adoption-related travel expenses. a big thanks to everyone who has cheered this book on and helped it become a reality.  i hope you like the end results as much as i do!

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