busy book round-up

i have a feeling that there are more quiet book pages in my future, but for now, i’m calling the books “finished” so i thought i’d do a round-up post to put all the pages in one spot, easy to see at a glance.

1.  snail marble maze

2. three little pigs

3.  hide and seek

4. connect the stars

5.  disguise kit

6.   locks + latches (and buckles, oh my!)

7.  camping

8.  stickers

9.  connect-the-magnets

10.  memory flip

and the cover + binding tutorial:

even if you didn’t “follow along” with this sew-along in real-time, i’d love to see any pages you create inspired by mine.  please consider posting them in the flickr group and/or leaving a comment here on my blog (i don’t check the flickr page frequently).  thanks to everyone who’s already left comments or sewn along with me, i ended up loving this project even more than i’d anticipated and i’m thrilled that i can continue to add pages here and there as the boys get older.




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