busy book: camping

this past weekend, the happy family took our first camping trip, so it’s only appropriate that i post this camping page today.  i’m only making one page like this (not two, as usual) because i only have one lantern keychain which i discovered while digging around the house for some other supply for a different page.

it ended up being more expensive than i’d anticipated because i needed to buy two new batteries for it, but it’s so cute, it begged to be added to a camping page!  i’ve seen other busy books use the tent image for zipper practice, so i thought it’d be perfect.

i did sew the bottom edge of the tent to the page because i found that if the bottom of the tent was loose it made the zipper really difficult to unzip.  i’d actually finished most of this page by the time we took our car trip to visit granna and grandpa, but i didn’t have anything to put in the tent.  the happy toddler tried the lamp (but got frustrated when he couldn’t turn it on right away) and unzipped the tent, found it to be empty, and was ready to move on.  so, when we got home and i was trying to figure out what to print on the third of the printable fabric that wasn’t used by the face for the disguise kit, i thought i’d try making a little doll for my camping page.

turned out all right!  he’s even (inadvertently) in sort of camping clothes in the photo!

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