busy book: connect the stars!

this week’s page was sewn in the car during our trip last week.  the buttons were ones my mom had inherited from one of my great aunts who was a nurse–these were buttons from her nursing uniform!

in addition to the sewn buttons, i also attached a piece of waxed cotton string to one side of the page (you could use regular string or even yarn, i just happened to have waxed cotton and i like the way it wraps easily around the button shanks).  the idea here is that kids can wrap the string around the buttons to make a pattern.  of course, they don’t have to choose to create the “big dipper” picture, but i liked the constellation design on this sparkly black felt!this concept has so many possibilities for variation.  what would you do?

how’s everyone doing with their busy books?  i finally got over to the flickr page and updated it–what fun to see a few pages by others in this sew-along!  feel free to join this group and add your own photos if you haven’t yet!

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