popsicle pj’s, take two!

since my mom was visiting us for the past almost three weeks, i actually got some quality sewing time in while she entertained the happy toddler.  that means that my idea actually came to fruition in a timely manner–an applique’d popsicle (with a freezer stenciled stick because ruhama’s comment on that other post inspired me to mix my mediums).  and because i still had a little extra time in the sewing room and because the other pants got a bit stained from our last outdoor excursion and because i still have 2/3rds of a bedsheet left…. i made another pair of pj pants too.  this time with the stripe on the bias just to see if i liked it.

they sort of look like fruit stripe gum, but i like them!

interesting note:  when i was debating whether to put the stripes at a 45 degree angle vs. a 60 degree angle, i decided that the 45 degree looked vaguely “girly.”  weird, huh?  i went with the 60 degree just in case.

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