popsicle pajama pants

i finally had some time to sew clothes for the happy toddler.  he needs more summer-weight pajama pants, so i used the pajama pants pattern from sewing for boys.  the first pair i made were e-nor-mous!  i had to roll the cuffs up four times, even after i’d hemmed and cuffed them as instructed, just so he wouldn’t trip on them.  this is the second pair that i made from a thrifted sheet.  i folded the pattern hem up four inches and also tried folding the middle over a bit to reduce the width of the legs.

shortening the pants worked just fine.  reducing the width made the waistline too small to fit over a big diaper butt, so i took a cue from the big butt baby pants pattern and added a u-shaped piece of fabric to the backside.  perfect!

the colors in these pants remind me of a popsicle, which has inspired an idea for the pajama top, but that’s not made yet.  for now, we’ll just mix and match with other pj tops he already has.

let’s hope i can get my idea done before the weather turns cold, and before he grows out of the pants!

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