clean, round 3

here we go again.  after the gluttony of the holidays (hello, christmas day cheese-stravaganza with cookie buffet!) my body is begging for a week or two of clean food.  i’m looking forward to trying some new recipes (pulled chicken, quinoa tortillas, & lighter sesame chicken (with some alterations) to name a few).  mr. happy stuff isn’t really interested in going through this whole-heartedly again (he’ll eat my lunch-meals for his supper-meals as long as they’re somewhat palatable) and i have a cold (rendering me without a sense of smell.  can’t decide if that’s a blessing or not.  my food today all had pleasant texture, but i can’t really speak to how it tasted) so we’ll see how many weeks i last.  if anyone wants to join me, i’m happy to send links to my menu plans.  today was a bit haphazard as i had to work and wasn’t particularly prepared yet, but i ate mostly clean (except for 2 bananas, pork casings on my chicken sausages (really?  why would they do that?!), potato starch in some rice crackers i pounded before my supper smoothie because i was that hungry, and one piece of milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts that a co-worker brought from her trip to hawaii (mostly because i wished i had gone to hawaii.  eating the chocolate was decidedly not a good substitute).  i don’t know that i’ll post daily updates on my food (unless some dear reader really wants to see more photos of smoothies!), but if i discover any new fantastic favorite recipes, i’ll share them with you.  my current new favorite thing to add to smoothies is fresh nutmeg.  mmm…..

i have a few more new year’s treats planned for you.  let’s see if i can be organized enough to post them before february, m’kay?

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