whew! i did it!

today was a whirlwind.  i was invited (about six weeks ago) to give a presentation about the wonderworks class that i’ve been developing at work.  stem* skills are sort of a hot topic in education circles right now and librarians have been trying to jump on that wagon for awhile, but many of us aren’t sure of how to do it.  since i’m actually doing a program (albeit a very young and new program) i am apparently expert enough to come talk about it to other librarians.  for 50 minutes.  twice in a row.  and get paid.  eep!

because i was feeling a little nervous about doing this, i did what i always do when i’m nervous and i over-prepared.  i went a bit overboard (i did a special photo shoot with a friend, i actually chose a color scheme for my presentation and i read through the steal this presentation slideshare about 10 more times, i actually did a dry run in front of some kind friends and colleagues), but …. i have to say that all the prep paid off.  it went really well, i wasn’t nervous at all and i’m quite proud of my slides.  i’m also a bit of a slide snob now and did my best to create these slides in such a way that i wouldn’t be tempted to read words off the screen to my listeners (i really hate that), so although i’m embedding the presentation here, it might not make a ton of sense to look at it without my words.  but you can still enjoy the goofy photos!

many thanks to my “beta audience” for your great questions and feedback. they really improved my final version of this presentation!

*science technology engineering mathematics

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5 Responses to whew! i did it!

  1. Amanda says:

    Glad to hear it went well– I’m sure the audience loved it!

  2. amy says:

    As a former college public speaking instructor, I think that it is awesome that you channeled your nerves into amazing prep and practice. People never think that it will pay off and that practicing is something you only do in school. I also loved your slides and agree with the idea that the slides should not just be a written, projected cue card for the speaker. It is so much more dynamic to have them as an addition to the presentation rather than a substitute for it. I loved the photography too! I kind of wish i was still teaching so I could use you as an example! Nice job.

  3. melanie says:

    not shocked at all that it went well!

  4. Brooke says:

    I was there and you did amazing! You were one of my favorite break out sessions. You gave such useful and practical advice and I really appreciate it. I liked that you weren’t afraid to admit the programs that didn’t quite work and how you would fix it for next time. Seriously, pat yourself on the back. Also, your entire thing was wonderful, but my favorite part was the slide pictures!

  5. Georgia says:

    Just wonderful…….but everything you do amazes me with how well planned and executed your projects are! How often, what time of day, and what age ranges do you offer these classes for?

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