unplanned pit stop

on thursday’s bike ride home from work, i got a flat tire.  i wasn’t even halfway home and i didn’t really want to walk six miles, so i called mr. happy stuff to see if he could come pick me up.  i have changed my own flat tires in the past, but the sheer physical strength needed to pry the tire off of the rim means that it usually takes me at least 45 minutes.  assuming that i remember how to do it.  and assuming that i have the right replacement tube with me.  very luckily, mr. happy stuff was willing to come rescue me.  i’d gotten the flat within a block of a friend’s house (i’d called him first, but he wasn’t home), so mr. happy stuff agreed to meet me there.  i walked the bike to the friend’s house.  while i was waiting, i noticed that the house was surrounded by enormous, productive hydrangea bushes.  my friend has been house-sitting across town and although he wasn’t home for me to ask, i was pretty sure that if i clipped a few blooms from inconspicuous places, he wouldn’t mind.  so i got this great, huge bouquet!  ah, the tiny perks of having to cut my ride short…..

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