mr. happy stuff rocks

last night when i left work and walked into the warm evening air, i realized that i really needed to take advantage of this weather and either go for a run or a bike ride.  the problem is momentum.  when i got home i was feeling so …. slow…. that i couldn’t make a decision–run or bike?  eat or wait?  my awesome husband reminded me that the weather was supposed to turn colder tomorrow (always good motivation to take advantage of today’s good weather).  he couldn’t join me on the bike ride because his bike was waiting to be fixed by a friend who was visiting soon, but he encouraged me to go out anyway.  i decided to go on a short bike ride with purpose and went to the favorite local co-op to get coffee and a few other groceries.  it’s about a 20-30 minute bike ride each way, and that seemed manageable.  i called him from the grocery store to see if he wanted me to buy something for dinner and he said, “i already made dinner.”  when i got home, i smelled a delicious scent wafting from the kitchen and went in to discover… you guessed it!  the enchiladas pictured above!  i was so impressed.  in fact, i’m always impressed when he makes enchiladas.  i’m not sure why, but i always think of them as “too much work” but he makes some great enchiladas and apparently doesn’t think they’re too much of a hassle.  they were very yummy. they were yummy again for my lunch today.

he also saved my biking self from the cold on sunday night.  i biked to church early for a meeting and after church, he offered me his jacket for the ride home.  thank goodness because the temperature had dropped drastically when the sun went down!  he’d brought along a sweatshirt-weight jacket that he wore and he’d also brought along a windbreaker which he let me use.  what a guy.  i’m glad someone is helping me to get back on the bike after a too-long winter hiatus.  it feels soooooo good.

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