my current running playlist–perky tunes

(photo from 2005.  my first and only triathalon (a mini).)

i’ve blogged before about running to music, and now that i’m back to running again, i’ve updated my list, so i thought i’d post a few of my favorites in case anyone runs the same pace as me (between 170-180 bpm–beats per minute).

Mushaboom — Feist

Fireflies — Owl City

Merry Happy — Kate Nash (although it has a terribly slow bit at the end.  skip past that unless it’s the last song of your run.  which would be awesome.)

Her Morning Elegance — Oren Lavie (also has a cute video here!)

Voice in my Throat — Pearl and the Beard

Here we go, Zudio — Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem

Another Postcard — Barenaked Ladies

Glad as Glad can be — Grenadilla


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