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mostly clean: day 4

breakfast smoothie:  watermelon, aronia berries, mango, kale???  i can’t remember.   they’re all starting to look and taste the same.  tasty, but not particularly distinctive. lunch:  salad with–grilled chicken, lettuce, quinoa, chickpeas, cucumber, broccoli, blueberries, alfalfa sprouts, orange peppers (not clean!) … Continue reading

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mostly clean: day 3

breakfast smoothie:  watermelon, aronia berries (locally grown, similar to acai), mango, blueberries, cherries, kale, more of that funky cashew cacao butter, probably some other stuff i’ve forgotten… lunch:  grilled salmon, grilled asparagus and grilled summer squash, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers, quinoa … Continue reading

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mostly clean: days 1 & 2

day 1 breakfast smoothie:  watermelon, blueberries, pineapple, spinach snacks (no pictures):  freeze-dried pineapple, cashews, rice crackers, cucumber, hummus lunch:  salad–lettuce, spinach, blueberries, almonds, avocado, cucumber, chicken, goddess dressing (has a bit of soy)  & cherries (after the meal, not on … Continue reading

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summer [mostly] clean guidelines & schedule update

after checking my schedule and realizing that next week includes a holiday, i’ve decided to postpone my mini-cleanse (i think i’d said it was going to be this week?) and start on friday, july 6th.  i’ve gotten a few interested … Continue reading

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mostly clean challenge

most of you likely remember that last february, mr. happy stuff and i did the clean challenge for three weeks.  i am curious to know how different it would be to attempt this challenge in the summer, but i’m not … Continue reading

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clean: 3 weeks later

several of you have asked me whether i thought the cleanse was “worth it” and when i tried to answer those questions in the midst of the cleanse or even immediately afterwards, i found myself focusing mostly on how difficult … Continue reading

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clean: the gradual reintroduction of foods, or “hello cheddar, my old friend. i’ve come to nibble you again…”

on friday around lunchtime, i broke my dairy fast.  it was heavenly.  my child was a screaming mess because it was nap time and he was hungry, but i was putting together lunch as quickly as i could.  i decided … Continue reading

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clean: day 21, woot!

i started the day off with a smoothie i’ve been dreaming of since the beginning, but only just now got around to making.  it needs a martini glass to serve it in, but this tumbler will have to do.  it’s … Continue reading

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clean: day 20, which i learn that a little goes a long way in the blender

this morning i proved that you can hide a handful of spinach in the “pb&j smoothie” with no major effects to the flavor.  yum-o!  i also discovered that if you have three tiny slices of cucumber leftover from your child’s … Continue reading

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clean: day 19, happy valentine’s day!

made myself another “pb&j” smoothie for breakfast this morning (yep, it’s that good!) and experienced none of the bloating from yesterday, so although i’m still mystified by those symptoms, i’m no longer worried that it was my yummy smoothie recipe … Continue reading

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