clean: day 21, woot!

i started the day off with a smoothie i’ve been dreaming of since the beginning, but only just now got around to making.  it needs a martini glass to serve it in, but this tumbler will have to do.  it’s a pina mojito smoothie!  (recipe at end of post)  i found it refreshing, but mr. happy stuff made the worst face when he tasted it and declared it, “too… tooo…. something.…”  yes, we’re getting more articulate with our likes and dislikes as this challenge progresses.  i obliged him with one of his standard fruity smoothies. (cider, pineapple, blueberries)

lunch was late today and it took awhile to fix, but i think it was worth it:

waffled felafel, hummus and (tomato-free) tabbouleh salad!  the felafel recipe came from this site, the idea to “waffle” it came from this site (which also supplied a new hummus technique which i recommend), but the actual waffling felafel from scratch instructions came from this forum.  whew!  the tabbouleh recipe i just sort of made up.  luckily, after all that work, it was quite tasty, although next time i might make my waffle iron hotter.

this afternoon/evening i developed the ouchy tummy i had on monday.  the only common factor i can think of between the two is that on both days i ate food with some baking powder in it, which has cornstarch as an ingredient, which includes corn, which is a forbidden ingredient.  do i have a corn sensitivity?  or is it just a coincidence?  i have a feeling i’ll be asking myself that same question often in the next few days.

supper was another pb&j smoothie.  i didn’t feel up to trying something else new tonight.

although at this point, i really don’t see myself trying to drag our family through another three weeks of this ever again, i could see wanting to do occasional “clean” days here and there to balance a heavy food day, or maybe even one week of clean to just clear out the system after the holidays.  to that end, i’ve put together a one-week menu of our favorites, along with a shopping list, so i don’t have to think about it quite so much.  if any of you, dear readers, would like access to my one-week menu, leave a comment or send me an e-mail and i’d be glad to forward you the link.

i’ll probably post a few more times with any results that present themselves in the next few days/weeks.  and maybe sometime i’ll also post before/after pictures, but i don’t think they’ll be all that dramatic.  thanks for reading along with us on this journey.


pina mojito smoothie

1 c. pure water

juice of one lime

5 or 6 fresh mint leaves

frozen pineapple (enough to make it thick , maybe 1 cup?)

(optional) sweetener to taste

(you could also substitute fresh pineapple and ice cubes, or you could use coconut water and have a pina colada mojito)

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