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you learn something new…

so i thought about titling yesterday’s post “you learn something new every day” and then decided not to.  but then i learned something new again today and couldn’t resist using it for today’s title.  here are some of the new … Continue reading

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so that’s why they call it that!

hooray for restaurant week!  we experienced our first restaurant week last winter, and apparently there’s also a summer week.  after drooling over all of the menus offered, we finally chose quivey’s grove stone house restaurant.  maybe not the most glamorous … Continue reading

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another weekend of productive domesticity and photography

my weekend sort of started on friday this week (i say “sort of” because i had to work a few hours on saturday) and i spent the friday morning taking pictures of a friend’s children.  it was a new experience … Continue reading

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i love wisconsin summers

i rode my bike to work again today. i’ve been averaging twice a week bicycle commuting and since i only work four days a week, i think that’s pretty good! anyway, this morning, when i left the house, it was … Continue reading

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minnesota, por favor*

i just got back from a very relaxing weekend at a cabin that belongs to the parents of some very good friends. we went there two years ago for the first time and i had such great memories that i … Continue reading

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thanks for all of the quilt love!  it is a different (and bigger) sense of accomplishment to finish a long-term project like this one instead of the ones that that i usually finish in a week or so.  but i … Continue reading

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i *heart* animation!

this evening, mr. happy stuff and i went to the local (fancypants) sundance theater to see animation show #4. we both loved animation show #1 and seem to have missed #’s 2 & 3 (soon to be remedied via dvd) … Continue reading

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a gift for a friend.

so, sometime back in february, i had this e-mail conversation with a friend: me: “which of these do you like best? no reason, just curious. la, la, la…. a: It would definitely be between the … Continue reading

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we’re not in kansas anymore…

but we were last weekend!  we had a fun time visiting mr. h-s’s family (although i very much regret that i seem to have forgotten to photograph any people–only other random stuff.  what was i thinking?!) and chatting about quilting … Continue reading

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this year, we’re spending fourth of july weekend with my parents-in-law.  they live in small town america that’s too small to have their own big fireworks display, so instead, lots of local families shoot off their own fireworks.  we took … Continue reading

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