thanks for all of the quilt love!  it is a different (and bigger) sense of accomplishment to finish a long-term project like this one instead of the ones that that i usually finish in a week or so.  but i love both kinds of projects for different reasons and will probably continue to do a mix of the two.

i promised to show you the quilt fabric that i’d bought on our recent trip, so here it is:

i don’t often buy this much yardage without a very specific project in mind (although my stash may have something different to say about that) but this fabric store was having a sale and all cut fabric was 25% off and they had some designer fabrics i’d been specifically looking for (the wee play pieces on the bottom of the stack above).  the birds are a robert kaufmann print and i just love their kooky, collage-y feel.  some of these prints may find their way into my common threads quilt, but i don’t quite think i can put all of them together.  too busy, no?  i bought enough of the birds that they could be a quilt back someday.  now, i just have to decide on a front.  i’ve got some ideas cooking up in my head….

in other quilty news, i decided to work on my common threads block-o’-the-month today.  i wanted a quick project that i could finish in one day and since everyone’s been posting such fabulous blocks, i decided i needed to make mine before someone else had the same idea!  here’s how it turned out:

i loved the leafy ribbon melissa used to tie the bundle together, so i decided to incorporate it into my block (hmmm…. hope it’s washable!)

and lotta’s printing book has been inspiring me lately, so i wanted to do some printing/painting on this block.  i traced the bird pattern onto freezer paper and then used that to stencil the bird onto the dark gray fabric.  the tail kind of blends into the gray and his head might be a little too close to the seam, but…. other than that i’m pretty happy with the way this block turned out.  maybe next time i try printing, i’ll do something a bit less literal….  i do like the way the scattering of “birdseed” turned out on the white fabric.

(oh, and i also got the selvedge dots on my cut of the bird fabric and couldn’t resist incorporating them into the design!)

thanks for the fun fabric, melissa!

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