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zucchini bread pancakes

okay, this is not a recipe post so much as a strong suggestion that you (especially if you have a surplus of zucchini lying around right now) immediately make plans to cook and eat these zucchini bread pancakes from smitten … Continue reading

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summer smoothies

during our recent trip to texas, i discovered that one of my dear aunts has developed a breakfast smoothie habit just like i have.  this was awesome news for several reasons–first, because it meant i could get a smoothie for … Continue reading

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hello, apricots

i wanted to make another movie monday to share with you, but my computer hard drive is too full for me to download any more movies until i go through and clean it up a little.  so instead, for now, … Continue reading

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movie monday: muddy!

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fashion chronicles: still trying to figure out how to pose “naturally”

oh readers.  apparently, not even the fantastic trent can avoid taking out-of-focus pictures of me every now and then.  perhaps the problem isn’t the photographers.  is it possible that i am occasionally actually out of focus?  someone tell me if … Continue reading

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the fashion chronicles: belts? not sure they’re for me.

(yes, i’m still working on the finer points of focusing when creating self portraits.  let’s call this “artsy” okay?) let’s talk about belts.  before i got on this fashion kick, i owned exactly zero belts.  after perusing a few fashion … Continue reading

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the fashion chronicles: makeup

i don’t think i’ve ever worn makeup on a regular basis.  the closest thing might have been when i was student teaching and felt like makeup made me look just a wee bit older so the students might see me … Continue reading

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jeni’s splendid vs. happy splendid

in the ongoing homemade ice cream saga, i last left you with the tale of sweet corn ice cream and a teaser about me being able to taste the “real” jeni’s ice cream.  this means i haven’t even told you … Continue reading

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popsicle pj’s, take two!

since my mom was visiting us for the past almost three weeks, i actually got some quality sewing time in while she entertained the happy toddler.  that means that my idea actually came to fruition in a timely manner–an applique’d … Continue reading

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movie monday: teeny purple pool

consider this a one-year-later follow-up to the famed ducky pool film:   (maybe not quite as funny, but still very wet and splashy!)

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