the fashion chronicles: belts? not sure they’re for me.

(yes, i’m still working on the finer points of focusing when creating self portraits.  let’s call this “artsy” okay?)

let’s talk about belts.  before i got on this fashion kick, i owned exactly zero belts.  after perusing a few fashion blogs, i noticed that belts these days are less about keeping your pants up and more about adding interest or contours to your outfit.  i’m still not convinced that i love them, but i am willing to give them a try.  first i stocked up on belts from thrift shops (and one brand new one.  i’ll blog about that someday.).

today i tried this grey one with this outfit.  first of all, i do love the whole yellow and gray thing i’ve got going on here, but…. i’m not convinced that this belt is doing me any favors.  perhaps it’s because this skirt is actually a little bit too big on me (which is why i can’t tuck shirts into it), so all day i was fussing with the belt because it was sitting right on top of the skirt’s waistline, which would then poke out funny from the side.  i was also constantly pulling the shirt down (it poofs up over the belt, but if i wear the belt looser, there are visible gaps between it and me).  i really love this skirt, and i’m planning to wear it for as long as i can, but maybe not with a belt again?  here’s the outfit, sans belt:

first of all, look how happy i am to be free of that belt!  to me, this feels more relaxed, less fussy and i feel like my contours are smoother, less lumpy.  but then again, maybe that’s just because i’m so much more used to seeing myself like this, with no waistline.  what do you think?  which look do you like better?

the scarf/necklace is one i made from a t-shirt, the button is one i made about a year ago in my needlereads class at work.  my boy insisted i wear it today.  i think he made a good call.

these shoes were more comfortable than i expected them to be, but i still wouldn’t hike chicago in them.  they have a slight wedge heel covered in jute braid.  i especially love how the flowers on the shoes echo the flower pin on my scarf.   (please ignore my chipped polish–i am well overdue for a re-paint!)

what i’m wearing today:

necklace/scarf/pin:  handmade by me :: shirt: thrifted (can’t remember brand) :: belt: thrifted :: skirt: thrifted, h&m :: shoes: thrifted, anne klein

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