hello, apricots

IMGP5057-001 i wanted to make another movie monday to share with you, but my computer hard drive is too full for me to download any more movies until i go through and clean it up a little.  so instead, for now, i’ll share some pictures of a gorgeous batch of apricot jam that i made last weekend.IMGP5063-001 the guy at the farmer’s market stand where i bought these apricots said, “you wanna make jam?  i’ll find some seconds with blemishes and give you a discount.”  he was quite generous with his definition of a blemish and with his discount, so i had plenty to make jam and a few leftover that i’m trying to decide exactly the best way to use them before they spoil.IMGP5073-001 spread on a slice of cornbread seems pretty awesome.IMGP5086-001many thanks to all of you who have sent lovely messages about my mom.  she is doing quite well and is anticipating returning home this weekend.  i’ve got plane tickets to go for a long visit at the end of the month.  i think i’ll take her a jar of this jam.

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