fashion chronicles: still trying to figure out how to pose “naturally”

oh readers.  apparently, not even the fantastic trent can avoid taking out-of-focus pictures of me every now and then.  perhaps the problem isn’t the photographers.  is it possible that i am occasionally actually out of focus?  someone tell me if my edges start to blur, m’kay? i do like the kicky heel thing though.  watch for more of that in the future!

here i’m attempting some hair twirling (see emma, half-way through this post) but i don’t think it works as well with short hair in a neat-and-sleek cut.

this one’s sort of cute, but i’m not convinced that flamingo leg is really my style.

but then again, i’m not sure sitting down is my friend either.

hiding behind the reeds isn’t bad, but what am i doing with my lips?  (and yes, i realize that i make this face all. the. time. so i suppose that makes it my “style”?)

i do like this way this (out of focus) necklace goes with this skirt! and i do like this grey and white t-shirt that i recently found.  it’s got pattern, but can sort of pass for a solid (as opposed to a t-shirt with a picture on it) and it’s got a little gathering detail at the neckline that elevates it above the average tee.

ah well, i don’t think i’ll make it far in my modeling career, and i’m still not sure whether this shirt should be tucked or untucked with this skirt, but at least i’m having fun, right?

maybe… just maybe this is like when i was in high school, learning a song for a vocal solo and ensemble competition and my dear, amazing aunt ruth was trying to coach me into being a stronger singer.  during a lesson, she challenged me to “sing it like an opera singer” and i obliging put on my imaginary viking horns and long blond braids and belted it out, louder and stronger than i ever had before… and then collapsed in a fit of giggles because i felt so ridiculous but she said, “yes!  that’s exactly how it’s supposed to sound!”  perhaps i need to really vamp it up and pretend to be a high fashion model?  watch out folks.  the next post might get really silly.  or possibly surprisingly effective.  shall we place bets?


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