celebrate the boy: baprons!

another free online pattern that recently caught my eye was the “bapron” pattern & tutorial from the adventures of rory and jess. we already owned a number of cute bibs, but many of them were too small to cover his whole chest and the one that was big enough was always popping up over the edge of his tray and covering his food so that he couldn’t see (or eat) it! the thing i loved about this pattern was that the bottom half of the bib/apron was pulled in close to his body and yet there was still only one set of ties to fasten the whole thing–brilliant! i whipped up the first one using oilcloth and some twill tape that i had in my stash (the oil cloth is fine, but a bit stiff. the twill tape was a mess to work around those curves!) and you can see it (very out of context, but at least he’s sort of holding still!) in the photo above. i found myself using it as my default bib, so last weekend, i put together three more. the top and bottom ones are fabric backed with PUL and the middle one is made of two back-to-back layers of laminated cotton. i totally love the way they turned out. if i remember to do so, i’ll let you know how they hold up over multiple uses.

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