one world, many stories: CSLP 2011 decorating ideas

non-librarian readers, please excuse the work-related post, but i thought i’d share some of this year’s decorating ideas.  i’ve been putting together summer library program decorations for a few years now and almost every time i post photos librarians i’ve never met discover my blog and thank me for posting my ideas.  these are a bit last-minute, but in case someone is still searching for inspiration, here’s some of the decorations i put up at my library:

i’ve been collecting old suitcases for several years now and they are perfect for this year’s theme!  to this display i also added some fabrics found in the bargain bin at joann’s, a string of lights and a lantern from cost plus world market (and a flameless electric tealight from joann) and a piece of foam-core board, covered with beautiful hand-made paper from cost-plus world market and with text (printed on faux parchment) in the font “love letters” with a variant on this year’s cslp slogan.

even more suitcases!  this time accessorized with guatemalan worry dolls (that will likely wander off sometime this summer), a grass mat and another lantern from cost plus world market and a flameless pillar candle from joann’s.

more photos can be found on our flickr account here.

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