what i am going to blog about…even better tortillas!

wow!  many thanks to all of you who have already responded to my earlier post (both on and off the blog).  your words were very comforting!  but i also feel like i didn’t give a true representation of the week, so here is what i will blog about:

we had a water main burst under our driveway, but because it was a break in the main line (and not just the feed to our house) the water co-op that we are members of will pick up the cost of repairing the driveway and (most likely) some landscaping fees as well.  our lawn has always been a bit of a disaster… how wonderful that we hadn’t done anything restorative to it yet and that we’ll have some help and incentive to do it as soon as the weather warms up and dries out a bit!

because the happy baby was fighting off illness (and i also just discovered two new teeth popping through his gums) he took some fantastically long naps (2.5-3 hours each day) that were a blessed break.  plus, when he’s been awake, he’s been mostly content to chase the kitties and find things-on-the-floor-which-he-should-not-put-in-his-mouth thanks to his newfound scooting/crawling skills.  this ability to entertain himself meant that i indulged for parts of the day yesterday in my favorite guilty pleasure–reading a book!  specifically robin mckinley’s newest (although no one warned me of the cliffhanger–argh!).

today we indulged in another guilty pleasure–the dig & save–the local thrift store outlet where they sell clothing for $1 per pound.  no, i do not really need anything there, but we spent some time there (the happy baby had some kids to smile at, so he was content for longer than usual) and about $10 and i got a bunch of really great solid-color knit shirts to make baby clothes from (i had lots of stripes, but almost no solids before) and i even scored a silk eileen fisher tank top and a pair of j. jill pants for myself.

i neglected to mention earlier the help of a very good friend who took care of the happy baby for a few hours yesterday afternoon so that i could attend a meeting at work.  many, many thanks, a!

the happy baby was also gentle with me last night and only woke up once in the wee hours.  and then he slept in until 8:30.  yesterday he slept in until 9:45!

best of all, mr. happy stuff is now home and he’s upstairs putting the baby to bed right now and as soon as i’m done writing this message, i’m taking some cold medicine and hoping to sleep well.

but before i sign off, i must tell you about my discovery of the day.  dear readers, i have blogged before about homemade tortillas, but i always feel a bit guilty about the sheer amount of butter in that recipe whenever i make them.  today, i cooked up a batch of the most amazing flour tortillas from the homesick texan’s blog (click the link to see the recipe) and i have been converted!  (if you read her blog entry, you’ll notice that i’m not the only ex-texan who pines for “real” tortillas.)  these taste even better than my earlier recipe, they have no butter, no lard (yep, you read that right!  only 2 teaspoons of oil in 8 tortillas!) and they are lighter and puff up easier than the others as well.  don’t tell anyone, but i ate two of them before i was even done cooking the batch.

okay, maybe two and a half.

but they’re sooooo good with honey or a little cinnamon sugar!

or made into a taco.

even the happy baby approves (despite his look of skepticism here…)

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