celebrate the boy!

during my internet wanderings last night, i discovered to my joy that we are right in the midst of a month of celebrate the boy at made and made-by-rae.  this couldn’t  have been better timing for me.  since i was home for the past week with a sick boy and a sick self, i got the urge to do some more tiny clothing sewing.  finding out about celebrate the boy (and seeing some of the great patterns and tutorials that have already been posted) just gave me an enormous abundance of inspiration.  in the past day and a half, i’ve made two tops, two pairs of pants, and a long-leg, long-sleeve romper/pj’s (okay, there has to be a better name for this type of outfit.  anyone know of a single word for the piece of clothing i just clumsily described?).  and i have supplies and plans to make lots more (now we’ll see if i can find the time now that i’m back to work this week).  but i don’t want to show you everything in one giant post.  nope, sorry.  i’m gonna drag it out just a bit and see if i can get back in the blog groove.  so for tonight, i think i’ll just show you the first shirt.

first, the before picture (i actually remembered to take one!):

nothing really wrong with this shirt, but it’s kinda wonky, waaaaay too small for me, oddly long and just so soft (and actually a much richer deeper color than the photo shows) that it needed to be a baby shirt.

and after, with a little orangey-red rib knit for the trim and long sleeves:

very cute, but it was still missing something…. so today i added this (freezer paper stencil + white fabric paint):

ack!  this shirt kills me with the cute!  a big thank you to sideoats and scribbles for the paper airplane image shared so generously.  and of course, this is one of the classic 90-minute shirts from celebrate the boy 2010.  tomorrow i’ll post a photo of my boy modeling it!  (along with the second item of clothing in this series.)

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