what i’m not going to blog about

in an act of blatant plagiarism, i’m going to steal my friend bridget’s blog post, but add my own woes good story.  sorry b, it was too good of an idea not to steal this week.  but your not-blogged-woes beat mine hands-down.

i am not going to blog about the fact that a water main burst under our brand-new, less-than-a-year-old asphalt driveway on sunday this week.

i am not going to blog about how giant digging machines made enormous holes in my yard… and my brand-new driveway on monday.

i am not going to blog about how my dear sweet happy baby was diagnosed with rsv and an ear infection and was banned from daycare on tuesday and i am certainly not going to blog about how i was then forced to spend every last bit of my remaining sick leave in order stay home with him for the rest of the week since he is still contagious.

i am not going to blog about how much he doesn’t care for his antibiotic medicine (who can blame him?  bubble gum flavor?  bright pink food coloring?  gross.) and about how he isn’t crazy about the nebulizer that fizzes medicine-y steam at him to help with the wheezing.

i am not going to blog about the trapped feeling you get when you look outside to see that your entire driveway is either a giant hole or blocked with a giant digger or three and you begin to wonder if the mailman even bothered to deliver mail to you today and also how in the world you might get to your car (parked at the business next door) even if there were an emergency.

i am not going to blog about how i seem to have also contracted some form of the happy baby’s illness myself and have spent the last two days coughing and wiping my own nose.

i am definitely not going to blog about how mr. happy stuff has been been out of town for work for the past two days and so i’ve been doing all of this alone.

i don’t think i need to blog about the panicked feeling that is pervading my city as our governor tries to push through a controversial bill.

nope.  those are not ‘happy stuff’ kinds of things.  so instead, i will blog about this photo that i found in my archives that i meant to blog about awhile back and apparently forgot about until today!

this beautiful bouquet was from a flower shop that i pass frequently.  one day, i had a few extra minutes, so i stopped in to see what they were like.  i had a lovely conversation with the owner and found that most of their business is weddings and other events where people order bouquets ahead of time, so they don’t normally just have bunches of flowers in the cooler that you can walk in and purchase.  on this particular day, there were a few bouquets in the cooler leftover from a wedding expo they’d been at the previous weekend.  although they all still looked great to me, she said they were so much on their last legs and had been so heavily handled at the expo that she legally couldn’t sell those bouquets.  after a few more minutes of chatting, she asked me if maybe i’d like to take one of those “bedraggled” bouquets for free?  (um, yes, please?) and she picked one out of the cooler, freshened it up with a spritz of something and deadheading a few droopy bits, wrapped it in tissue paper and handed it to me with a smile.  i love this!  the criss-crossing grasses strung with purple beads are just genius and remind me of the word “orbit” and the bright cheery colors were exactly what i needed on a dreary winter day.  what a lovely gesture!

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