awesome concert

i just got back from a fantastic concert.  the wailin’ jennys sang at the very intimate and acoustically wonderful stoughton opera house.  hearing them live brought tears to my eyes and a full feeling to my heart more than once.  laughing along with them and the rest of the audience as the fire siren went off at the fire station next door right in the middle of one of the songs (it sounded more like a tornado alarm or something and they stopped singing and asked if we needed to pay attention to that sound, but some locals assured us that there was no need to panic) and then we laughed even more,  a few songs later, when a bird flew into the room from backstage, circled the balcony once, then flew back off stage.  (he came back again for another loop or three  a few songs later)  all in all, a very distracting night for the jennys, but their music is just sooooo beautiful.  and they did my favorite live concert thing and invited us to sing along with them on the last two songs.  and the last song they sang (their encore) was “one voice” which i’ve sung with my women’s quartet…. way too much fun to actually get to sing along with the band themselves.  oh, and did i mention that we were in the 6th row from the stage, right in the middle?  ahhhhh…..

they’re coming out with a new album this summer and they sang a lot of the songs from that recording tonight and…. i can’t wait to buy the new cd!

here’s a video from their website to give you a little taste:

Performance Video – The Parting Glass

The Wailin’ Jennys | MySpace Music Videos

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