i {heart} animation (vol. 2)

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again… i do love to watch animated movies.  this afternoon, mr. happy stuff and i went on a date to watch the most recent batch of oscar nominated animated shorts. 

here’s a link so you can see short clips from each of the nominated films.

if you’d like to watch the films in their entirety, here are the links for that:

french roast — i liked this one!

granny o’ grimm’s sleeping beauty — this one was a favorite of both of us

the lady and the reaper — death has a very expressive face in this one!

the newest wallace and gromit movie (woo hoo!) (here’s their fun new website!)

logorama — this one comes with a warning about language and violence.  it was mr. happy stuff’s other favorite.

this is probably the first year that i’ve actually liked all of the movies on the roster.  the showing at sundance also includes a few other movies that didn’t quite get nominations but were close.  this year, that included the short that was paired with pixar’s “up”, and a film from the national film board of canada called runaway:

i loved the music in this one–by the same person who did the music for the triplets of belleville. (speaking of which…. the director of that wonderful film has a new one now called “the illusionist”–i can’t wait until it’s available here!)

we then took in a full-length feature film in the evening with friends, the fantastic mr. fox. which is now my favorite wes anderson film.

animation enchants me.

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