cute lil’ dress

a tiny friend of mine is having her first birthday tomorrow, and i had a hankering to make a dress, so i found this pattern and tutorial online and altered it just a bit to make it reversible.

i used fabric from my stash.  this is an older michael miller print.  the background is actually a lovely green, but looks odd in this photo.  here’s the other side:

this side was (i think) another older michael miller print–again from my stash and just waiting to be used for something.  it was super easy to put together and would have been even easier if i’d just followed the directions and not monkeyed around with the reversible idea.  my alterations made the neckline a little too stiff, so it doesn’t gather up like it should.  it might be way too big for her now, but at least maybe later in life she can wear it as a shirt!

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