my sweetie

when i got home from class tonight at 8:00, i walked into a yummy-smelling house.  mr. happy stuff had made chili and macaroni!  what a perfect thing to come home to after a very, very cold day.

after i ate, i was reading a blog with a recipe for roasted garlic mashed potatoes*. i freaked out about the amount of garlic that was included and when i told mr. happy stuff about the ratio of potatoes to garlic, he said, ‘mmmmmmm…. i lloooooovve garlic.  i’ve been ordering it as a topping on pizza lately whenever i get the chance….. it’s good for you, y’know.”

i agreed, “yeah, it boosts your immunity and stuff”

then he pointed out, “and it keeps away the vampires.”

*this is my new favorite food blog. i realized recently that i wanted a really good food blog on my rss feed, so i was excited to find this one from the contenders for the “bloggies” awards. she’s funny, has great (and lots of) photography and, while her foods never truly pretend to be healthy, they all look soooooooo yummy and usually are presented in a “you could totally make this yourself” kind of way.

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