app review: tiny bang story

i’ve been meaning to blog about the app tiny bang story for quite awhile, but i noticed today that it’s currently free and i don’t know how long that will last, so go start the download now and then come back to read this review!  (also on android here, not free)

was it still free?  if not, i still think it’s well worth the price, and let me tell you why.  i first read about this app on digital media diet’s blog. to tell you the truth, i was initially drawn in by the illustrations and i happen to know the author of digital media diet and can trust her judgment.  also, i was doing a storytime about tiny things and this looked like a good fit for an app to go with that theme, so i thought i’d give it a shot.

turns out… i loved it.  as in, as soon as we finished the game i was trying to google “games like tiny bang story” because i just wanted to play more.  it reminded me of a (not so eerie) version of myst.  you’re dumped into a beautifully rendered world with no real instructions, but you poke around and pretty soon figure out what you’re supposed to be doing to move the game forward.  there are puzzles along the way and you eventually unlock different areas of the world to explore.  some of the puzzles were pretty challenging.  a few could be completed by the happy little dude.  we worked side-by-side for most of the game.  i let him do as much of the action as he could and we were both equally engaged and fascinated by this little world.  i’d set the timer for 30 minutes so that we wouldn’t just play the whole thing in one marathon sitting, but we still often went past our 30 minute limit trying to get to the next level.  i’ve found a handful of other titles that claim to be similar, but i’m saving them up for some occasion where we need some serious interactive distraction.  i’ll let you know if i find anything else that measures up.  in the meantime, let me know if you love tiny bang as much as my happy little family does.

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