getting ready….

the baby room is pretty much ready, so i thought i’d show off a few pictures.  we left the queen size bed in there in case we have an abundance of guests sometime and because i learned the first time that having a bed in the same room as the baby can sometimes come in… handy.

IMGP6805i’m especially fond of these “clouds” created after i 1) found a big batch of embroidery hoops at the dig-n-save, 2) was inspired by this beautiful nursery and 3) had a “ladies craft night” at my house where friends generously created these works of art for me to display. IMGP6807


there’s sort of a cloud “theme” going on in the room, so i also made this mobile:IMGP6812

the art on this wall is a combination of etsy artists and my own work (done in my ‘craft lab’ program at the library)IMGP6813 IMGP6817

i also screen printed the curtain for the closet at work.  we got a new screen printing kit and, of course, i needed to learn how to use it, so i sketched out this design, burned the screen and the printed it onto a grey bedsheet.  i really love how it turned out!


and here’s a cute pillow i made:

IMGP6829 IMGP6830

of course, there’s still one or two things i’d like to add to the room eventually, but it’s feeling fairly finished at this point and i’m so pleased with how it’s turned out!  i hope new baby likes it too…

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4 Responses to getting ready….

  1. Amanda says:

    ADORABLE!!!!! The room looks delightful. Wishing you and your family all the best!
    We’re getting ready to set up a baby room of our own, so I’ll likely borrow some of your ideas!

  2. Sarah Day says:

    I love that we will both have new babies right around the same time. You were such a help to me early on in our journey and though we’ve come to it in different ways, I like that we can share this commonality! Great looking room!

  3. Colettia Estep says:

    The room looks awesome. When will the new little one get here and will it be a boy or girl? I am so happy for you and your family. I know Gabriel will make a terrific big brother.

  4. Magda says:

    It looks wonderful ,love the clouds. What a lucky child to have you as mom…for so many reasons. m

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