cloud mobile, a sort-of tutorial

those few of you who follow me on instagram have already seen this, but i thought i’d share it on the ol’ blog anyway.  last week, i decided to make this mobile.  i cut out all the little clouds (free printable templates at that same link) and then more closely examined the assembly instructions.  hot glue?  i tried it and was irritated with both the process and the results, so i decided to try sewing them together instead.  i still wanted the clear thread if i could get it and i wondered if i could just use fishing line in my sewing machine. turns out you totally can.  (i used white thread in the bobbin, then just cut away the tails and left the top line of the fishing line above the cloud.)  it’s way faster, gives a smoother result, and i think it will have a greater longevity as well.  also, you can totally use a twisted stick instead of an embroidery hoop if you want to.

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