the mail station

long ago, i read this post on sew liberated and i’ve been wanting to create a mail station ever since.  i didn’t go back to re-read the post, so my actual set-up is a bit different than hers, but the idea is the same.  we bought envelopes, stamps, address and return address labels, a coupon organizer and a drawer to keep everything in and i cleared off (part of) the surface of one of the tables in my craft room and here’s the set-up:

IMGP6819i mocked up a sample envelope so he can see what goes where: IMGP6821i let him pick out his own postage stamps.  is anyone surprised that he chose the ray charles stamps?  the guys at the post office were impressed. IMGP6823this is the file where i keep the address labels IMGP6824 IMGP6825and he mailed his first letter today!  (totally forgot to get a picture of that, but someone lucky will receive it soon!)  i also put some rubber stamps on the table and a variety of writing implements.  he really  loves creating “real” mail and it’s a pretty cheap investment for a pre-literacy activity that keeps him entertained and will likely put some smiles on the faces of the recipients.

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