fashion chronicles: i can’t believe i almost didn’t buy this dress

IMGP5952the color in this photo is a bit weird and blown-out (and it’s the only half-decent one i got during our rush out the front door that morning), but… the color is actually still fairly accurate on the outfit itself.

see that dress?  i almost didn’t buy it.  i couldn’t figure out what to do with the low cut bodice (duh, wear something underneath it) and it might be a bit short to wear on its own in the summer (but with tights or leggings or even jeans it’s perfect), but i ended up buying it because i couldn’t stop touching it (so silky!  so soft! so stretchy!  i think i have a nightgown made out of this same fiber content) and i couldn’t stop looking at it (i love all of those colors!  i think i have at least four different cardigans i could wear with it!) and i was intrigued by the almost handmade looking tag in the back (it reads “miuse” in a swooshy font.  couldn’t find any trace of that word being used as a clothing brandname anywhere online.).

and, well, here’s the thing.  as soon as it comes out of the laundry, it’s pretty much the first thing i want to wear and if it wasn’t so unique and i could get away with wearing it every day for a few days in a row, i probably would.  totally worth the $7.

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