a card holder… in a pinch

last christmas, my dad made a lovely wooden card rack for my son to use while playing cards.  the other night, we decided to try a family game of uno for the first time and i tried to find the card-holder and…. i have no idea where it is.  boo.  (mom?  any ideas?)  well, we still wanted to play games, and my boy’s hands are a bit too small to handle all those cards at once, so i thought of a quick solution:IMGP5803a paperback book (actually, a thesaurus), a rubberband to hold it all together, and voila!

IMGP5800and by the way, uno (with all the “special” cards removed) is a lot of fun with a three year old (although my boy beat me fair and square most of the rounds).  i do wish i could find the nice wooden one though…

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