fashion chronicles: a thoughtful, beautiful, handmade surprise gift!


this week, i got a surprise package in the mail from one of you, dear readers!  inside, i discovered a collection beautiful, handmade t-shirt scarves, each one unique in color and design scheme.  what a fantastic gift!  i’ve already worn two this week, so i thought i’d show them to you.

first, the black one, made of linked loops.  i love the design of this one–it’s one i hadn’t seen before and it just looks so cool!  i also needed something in black, i’m surprisingly short on plain black accessories.  i wore my yellow coat here so that you can’t see that i’m (once again) wearing the mustard sweater.  i just couldn’t resist the gray/yellow/black combo.IMGP4050 IMGP4058second, this teal beauty is soooooo comfy and can be worn doubled (like i have it here) or long.  although i made a similar one in gray, i like the way this one has such a soft “clasp” whereas mine is really stiff.  almost tempted to re-do the grey one….

IMGP4062 IMGP4064 IMGP4065check out my polka-dot shoes! (this year’s version is a little different)  i enjoyed the colors in this gray outfit and felt cute all day long!

all photos courtesy of my wonderful husband.  scarves made by jen k.  thanks, jen!!


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