i knitted something fast!

after knitting the baby blanket (hmm…. did i ever show you pictures of the finished product?  must do that soon.) for just about a year, i decided i needed a quick project.  i also wanted to learn how to knit on double-pointed needles, so the “pointy elf hat” from joelle hoverson’s more last-minute knitted gifts seemed perfect.  i was a bit stumped when the pattern called for a very specific yarn which is no longer being produced, but the kind ladies at the sow’s ear held my hand and led me to all the supplies i’d need (even while my overly sleepy child was thrashing around on the ground).  i tried to start it myself a few weeks ago, but got stumped after i got through casting on and dividing between the needles (now what?).  luckily, many of my church friends are avid knitters and sara kindly helped me figure it out (it helped immensely when she said that the first few rows of knitting on double-pointed needles is always inherently just a bit awkward) and alison “tinked” a row for me when i accidentally knit the wrong direction and amazingly enough, i finished the entire hat in just two days!  two days of just picking it up occasionally and knitting a few rows here and there!  okay, maybe the last little bit (the part where you decrease) was all during the retreat church service on sunday morning (knitting during church is actually pretty common in our congregation) and maybe i did ignore my child and my irritated husband because i couldn’t wait to get done with the last four rows (so. close. just. a few. more. stitches….) and maybe the hat doesn’t stand straight up like the one in the picture does, but i think it’s super cute and i think my lil’ happy dude likes it too.  maybe next i’ll try one in stripes…

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