circle pocket shirt

ages and ages ago, i saw this very inspiring photo in a flickr pool or on someone’s blog and ever since then, i’ve been wanting to make a circle pocket shirt.  when spoonflowers “free swatch” day came around, i thought this would be the perfect project to try a swatch of their knit fabric!  i shopped around for a swatch that would include enough of a print (and a centered print) that it would work, and decided on this wonderful “e is for elephant” print by amel24. it took me forever to finally get this shirt sewn up (including having to rip it all apart when i realized that waffle-weave knits are waaaay stretchier than normal knits and require some special handling), but it’s finally finished and i love it!  the happy baby enjoys putting things in his pocket and calls them “fantes” (his way of  saying “elefantes”).  if i’m being totally honest, i’m not impressed with the colorfastness of any of the spoonflower prints i’ve gotten and this one is no exception.  i’ve washed it three times and it’s significantly less brilliant than it was when it arrived in the mail, but the knit itself is wonderfully soft and easy to work with.

back when i originally sewed the pocket i made up a photo tutorial for how to do that, but now i’m too lazy to post photos.  you can either buy the pattern i linked to above to see how she did her circle pocket or you can beg me in the comments section to please, please post instructions.  but i make no promises.

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